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Adorable pup named Storm has been obsessed with all things snow since he was a little puppy. Since his family brought him home Storm has enjoyed every single winter year frolicking in the snow as much as he possibly can.

Stephanie Larson, Storm’s mom, said, “In the winter, he spends 50 percent of his day outside in the snow and refuses to come inside. Much of the time, he is covered in snowballs and completely soggy by the time we can force him to come in. He is always extremely morose at the beginning of spring … He definitely holds onto winter as long as he can.”

When Storm’s parents realised his obsession and love for the cold snow, they started to create a huge snow pile on the deck for him to enjoy every winter. By making a huge pile of snow on the porch, Storm’s snow adventures is able to last a bit longer that usual. Now even if the snow on the grass started to melt, he still has his huge, fluffy pile to enjoy for a bit longer.

With the weather in Michigan started to heat up a bit, Larson knew that Storm’s beloved snow pile wasn’t going to last much longer. And surprisingly Storm knew that too. “He noticed right away since there was no longer snow on any other parts of the deck and minimal snow to walk in on our walks.” 

His beloved snow pile has been on the porch for him to enjoy ever since December. And all winter long, Storm had been playing. But sadly the seasons are changing and it is finally time for the pooch to say goodbye to his ice cold friend. As the pile melted bit by bit, Storm made sure to spent every last second of the day with it. He rolled on it and snuggled up against it, dramatically saying goodbye to his beloved winter.

After some time the pile melted and was completely gone. But as luck would have it, the pooch was blessed with a bit more time to enjoy running around and snuggling up to some new snow that blessed the lands. “It did fully melt on the fifth, but the following Monday we got snow, so now it's back.”

Even though it was not as huge as his first pile, Storm is still enjoying every moment. Storm treasures every moment he gets to spend with snow and very much wishes he could play in it all year round. 

But his cold snuggles doesn’t stop there. His family sets up ice baths for him outside on hot summer days. But it is not quite the same than his favourite snow pile. “Some people have demanded we move to a climate where it is cold year-round, like Antarctica.”

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