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You may be a cat person, but there's no denying that these dogs are hilarious!

Canines, man's best friend, have been our companions for 40 thousand years. That's a long time in anyone's book, it's no wonder many of us have such a deep affection for these furry, four-legged champions.

This love we have for our doggie pals is one reason why people make videos of their pets. This is a good thing because, otherwise, we wouldn't be able to share their hilarious antics with the world.

The video below, a compilation by YouTuber, MAI PM, is a hilarious and heart-warming mix of dogs being their crazy selves. Playful and cute, hyperactive and silly, these canines are simply loving life... and putting on a show at the same time!

Whether it's a puppy finding its bark or a Husky licking the glass of a sliding door, it's all in here. Sometimes it's the energy that takes over, while other times it's just plain silliness. Regardless, it's cute and hilarious, and you should definitely press play on the video now!

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