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It's time for another round of Dude Perfect's Overtime, and this time they have a robot dog!

By now, you must know about the guys at Dude Perfect. If not, then you need to rectify that immediately. Known for their marvellous trick shots on their YouTube channel, the team have expanded their offering to other cool shows.

In this episode of Overtime, we get treated to four segments where the dudes get up to different things. Up first is Games With Consequences, and it's hilarious. Basically, two of the boys, Cody and Coby, go head-to-head in a game of PGA Tour 2K21 but, the rest of the crew have a role too. Tyler and Garret are commentators, while Cory dishes out punishments as the game proceeds. Imagine trying to concentrate on your shot when you have a baby alligator on your lap!

Second up is Wheel Unfortunate, where one of the guys has to spin a lottery wheel and then do whatever it says. In this case, Garret is the unlucky one and then lands on a question mark. This means he has to pull a challenge out of a hat. His task? To dress up as Kiss frontman, Gene Simmons, for a day. This ends up being hilarious as he hits a couple of drive-thrus, among other things. It's astounding to see how many people want a photo with him!

Next up is a game called Betcha, where one of the guys offers up a challenge, and the others have to bet on whether it can be done. In this instance, Coby and Tyler come together to say they can dissolve a massive amount of cotton candy in half a tumbler of water. Needless to say, none of the others believes it can be done. Challenge accepted!

The last game is called Cool, Not Cool. The guys have to present a gadget or tool to the others, and then everyone votes green or red to get a score – the more green lights, the better. There's a doughnut-shaped kitchen utensil that pulls corn from the cob, a fire-powered camping charger and a kayak that folds up into a suitcase. The winner, though, is undoubtedly the robot dog by Boston Dynamics. This yellow canine-imposter is controlled by a device that includes a screen, it's almost impossible to knock over, and looks insanely cool.

So, what are you waiting for? Smash the play button below and have a good laugh!

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