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As we all know, puppies can have a lot of energy which sometimes leads to them not obeying the rules. But what can we expects when they can’t contains themselves when they see something interesting and exciting. 

Recently an adorable golden retriever puppy couldn’t help but to jump right in. While the adorable pup named Bento and his family were enjoying a day at the beach in Brazil, the pup came across a whole new and exciting source of amusement. There, on a steep, sandy slope, people had set up a waterslide sending riders into the ocean. 

Though this activity is not for the faint of heart, Bento surely showed that he sin’t one of them. While his owner had him on a leash, he clearly showed that he will obey, but just don't ask him to do it on the sidelines when he sees something as exciting as that. 

While seeing other people sliding down on the waterslide, the adventurous pup simply had to try it, and plunged right in.

Watch the adorable videos of Bento enjoying the waterslide over and over again. 

Little Bento loved the slide so much, he had to do it twice.

"Anyone have any doubts about who had the most fun on vacation?" Bento's owner wrote online. "He liked it so much, he couldn't hold back!"

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