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Energetic pup name is Daisy lives out her days with her loving family in Florida. She was adopted by her family last year and has only been a joy. But the pup soon came to learn a very unique talent. Her family discovered that Daisy is a tree-loving pup. When little Daisy was let out to the backyard, the smart pup figured out that she could manage to comfortably climb the tree and watch the world from above. 

Daisy’s mom Lisa Levine, explained that at first, “A neighbour told us our dog was in the tree. That’s how it all began.” 

The little pup even attracts small crowds of people watching from below and who are concerned that the pup might fall or be stuck. There was one day when a group of people watching decided to call 911 for help. And what became a constant thing, was concerned passersby knocking on their door to tell them their dog is might be stuck on the tree. 

People passing by, however, assumed that she was stuck, however little Daisy never gets stuck and has become a master in climbing the tree. “I thanked them for their concern and assured them she was fine. They looked at me like I was insane.” 

Someone who got to witness this for herself was nearby resident, Leah Saunders Goldstein who was driving near her home when something curious caught her eye. However it was something other that Daisy that caught her sight at first. 

Placed high up in a tree was a sign written in big block letters. The sign very unusual sign, wanted people to know that their dog climbs trees, and that they were fine. For Goldstein it seemed like a random message someone wants to share with the world. But then, in an instant, it all made sense when she finally saw it. Goldstein explained, “I was reading the sign and then, before I knew it, a dog was there too. I was totally shocked.”

This is what she saw: https://www.tiktok.com/@lsaunders6/video/7075809366468807979

Goldstein was very surprised when she spotted a Chihuahua up in the most random place for a dog to be. But, as it turns out, that’s actually exactly where she belongs.

Watch Daisy climb her favourite tree: https://www.tiktok.com/@daisygirlkansy/video/7076216039406652715

A family friend decided to make them that sign to try and ease future concerns about Daisy in the tree. And it turns out it worked as people seem to have stopped worrying so much about Daisy, however they still get some inquiries. “Now, when Daisy isn’t in the tree, people ask us to let her out so they can see her. She’s the sweetest little thing ever.”

“We feel much safer with Daisy on watch!” Goldstein said.


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