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There is one thing Jennifer Rutter loves most about her house in London, and that is watching the various different wildlife which makes their way into her garden, through her windows. But there was one special visitor which she started to notice more frequently.  A bold little fox has been coming to visit her garden daily and has even now found his perfect spot on Rutter’s window ledge.

Rutter said, “I see that fox nearly every day, and she’s a favourite on our street. The kids watch out for her from their bedroom windows.”Rutter loves watching the beautiful fox exploring her garden and feeling safe enough to even relax. She definitely doesn’t mind having a wild fox as a neighbour. And what makes the fox even more welcome is that the vixen even appears to be well-mannered. 

“She seems really polite and gentle. She steps off the pavement to let people pass, and, apart from the debris she leaves in my garden, she’s very welcome!”

It is known that when cats bring their humans something that they have hunted, usually dead little animals, it’s sort of a sign of appreciation. And this little fox also clearly grew fond of Rutter. The little fox has brought Rutter several gifts by leaving the trinkets on her doorstep. “It’s brought me so many ‘presents’. I’ve had a bag of mouldy limes, lots of chicken drumsticks, a single sausage, a small toy car — bread seems to be a favourite.”

But it wasn’t until recently when Rutter had the chance to personally interacted with the little wild fox. Rutter’s kitten recently decided that he wanted to make a new friend. The little kitten named Dodo, was one day wandering around with her mom in the home office when the wild fox appeared at the window.

Little Dodo couldn’t let the opportunity slip away of befriending the new neighbour, and he quickly decided to interact and play with the fox through the window. “Dodo was on my knee, and I pointed the fox out to her. She jumped up to the window and caught the fox’s attention, and then I started to film. I’ve never seen them interact before, and it was so moving to see them mirroring each other.”

The little fox patiently watched as Dodo pawed at the window trying to communicate. The little fox even made chirps of hello before continuing her business in the wild. “I thought the fox seemed curious and playful — not a threat. It was like Dodo had interrupted her, and she was graciously giving the baby cat some attention.”

Dodo and Rutter can't wait for more visits from the little fox, and to see what future gifts she will leave on the doorstep. 

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