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During an on-the-ground weather segment for Fox 5 Washington DC, reporter Bob Barnard found himself in an unexpected encounter with some adorable breaking news.

During the live segment, the crew noticed the arrival of a very happy little puppy making his way to the crew for some pets. And it is clear to say that she quickly stole the spotlight. Who doesn’t like some positivity, or adorableness while watching the news. 

The puppy seemingly came out of nowhere while Barnard was only a few minutes into the live segment. The stunned reported immediately stopped what he had been discussing, and turned his full attention to the cute little puppy.

"Forget the people we talked to earlier," Bernard said on the segment, "I want to get to know this dog.” 

Looking at the adorable occurrence in the video below, it’s clear to say the feeling was mutual as all you can see a little happy tail wagging uncontrollably.

But it didn’t take too long for Bernard to find out where this pup where from and who she belonged to. A short moment after the pup’s owner, who lived in the house that Bernard and his crew where in front off, came to claim her overjoyed bundle of joy. The puppy had apparently breached a gate, which was an ability that was clearly news to her owner. The little pup clearly wanted to be famous. 

The little pup was soon back to her house where she belonged. Though, despite the snowy weather, the little pup’s interruption no doubt made everybody's day a little brighter and colourful. 

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