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We all know the feeling when we can’t resist but to go awhhhhhh and suddenly get the need to stop, especially when there is an adorable animal involved. 

That is exactly what a Massachusetts State Police trooper did. Trooper Carlo Mastromattei came to the aid of an adorable helpless young coyote pup. The poor pup has been stranded alone along a busy road for who knows how long. 

Mastromattei went on a search to see if he can spot the pup’s mother nearby, which unfortunately there was no site of. He then contacted Lisa Cutting, who is the owner of Ocean View Kennels, to safely remove the animal from that perilous spot. After getting the little coyote out of immediate danger, Mastromattei’s kindhearted and caring actions continued.

By the time the pup was found and safed, all nearby wildlife rehab facilities were already closed for the night. With nowhere else to go, the trooper decided to go above and beyond  his call of duty and care for the little coyote himself until the morning to ensure he stays safe.

Mastromattei brought the little fellow back home with him where he and his girlfriend kept him cozy, fed and loved through the night. When morning came, Mastromattei brought the coyote to the Tufts Wildlife Clinic for a full checkup. Fortunately for the little guy, he was found to be in good health. This is also thanks to the trooper’s kind action and having rescued him in time.

The Massachusetts State Police stated that the young coyote has since been placed under the care of a wildlife rehabilitator. With the needed care and support, this little guy will be gaining back is strength in no time. Once the pup is recovered and old enough, he will be released back into the wild to live life as nature intended, and maybe one day have a little family of his own. 

To show appreciation for their efforts to those involved in the pup's rescue, the police gave them much-deserved praise in a post they wrote:

"The Department offers its sincere thanks to Trooper Mastromattei, his girlfriend, Ocean View Kennels, and Tufts for their compassionate care for this beautiful little creature."

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