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We all know the excitement and joy we felt when our parents took us to our favourite place. Well we know how we laughed and continued asking ‘are we there yet’. Well it is no different for our furry dog friends when they know they are going to do their favourite thing.

When dog owner and active YouTuber from Canada named T3, decided to take his four German Shorthaired Pointers out for a drive to their favourite place he decided to film their reaction. When loading them in the car he didn’t tell them where they were headed as he wanted to see if they will recognise the area and guess by themselves.

T3 shared the funny video which soon broke the internet with a fantastic audience reception. In the video he introduced his dogs to the internet by explaining how his furry children would react when going to their favourite park.

In the beginning of the video one dog was in hiding while the other three sat calmly on their seats waiting for the reveal. T3 comes to a momentary stop, veering off to the park when he reveals that they are going to their favourite park. All the dad had to do was ask “Alright y’all, where we going?” And suddenly after realising it, all dogs moods change into super excitement which they clearly couldn’t contain. Madness starts to break out as all four dogs starts to howl with excitement, that it got so loud their dad had a bit of trouble driving and controlling them. 

Even though pointers are known for their affection and well-behaved behaviour,  however when they sense its play time especially at their favourite place, nothing can hold back their excitement.

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