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We all know things are serious when the FBI or the CIA get involved. Well, that’s what we know from news headlines and movies. How much do we really know about these two agencies and what are their differences or similarities?

The FBI, or Federal Bureau of Investigation, is the oldest of the two and got its official name in 1935. Its most famous cases include the criminal couple known as Bonnie and Clyde, the corporate Enron debacle, JFK’s murder, and of course 9/11.

It employs about 35,000 people across the USA. That includes scientists, field officers, language specialists and the infamous IT experts that can crack almost any code… according to Hollywood.

The CIA, or Central Intelligence Agency, on the other hand, is more focused on national and international crimes like terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, spying and cyber intelligence.

It was created in 1947 after the Pearl Harbour attacks. Because its services are international and include the securities of other countries as well, not a lot of info is available, but they have been known to stop more than one international coup de’etat and several wars.

Again, the CIA is so secretive that no one knows exactly how many people work there or where all its officers are based.

The two agencies often share info between them in the interest of national security. While an FBI agent can arrest a CIA agent, it can’t happen the other way around. That’s because CIA agents can’t make arrests.

Getting into either of these agencies is extremely difficult and a very long process. You can bet that you have to be brainy and that background checks as well as physical tests and more training will be needed even if you’re the best in your class.

The more secretive the FBI and CIA are, the more interested we are. Coincidence or not?

Watch the Infographics video below for more info on the FBI and the CIA.

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