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After a long wait the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have finally announced their finalists.

Co-founder of the Awards, Tom Sullam, stated that the competition exists to recognise great photography and pictures of wild animals. The competition aims to raise awareness about conservation through a humorous, yet positive association with these animals.

The winners will be announced on October 22 2020.

In an interview, Tom Sullam stated that; "We strongly believe humor and positivity have a major role to play in building awareness, interest, and eventually action towards protecting the animals that live on this planet. Over the years, the competition has focused more and more on the conservation, working with the Born Free Foundation and promoting conservation efforts around the world. We, without being too preachy, want to get you all, and ourselves, to behave a tiny bit differently towards the world we live in. The smallest effort achieved towards conservation is better than the biggest effort never started!"

"We expected this year to be a little bit tricky as a result of COVID restrictions. But quite sensationally and against all better judgment, we received the highest number of entries ever, over 7,000 – and the standard across the board has gone up incredibly."

"Choosing the finalists was basically an impossible task, our initial shortlist was over 400, which is three times more than it has ever been. If ever there was a year when many could have won this was it and we genuinely feel terribly sorry for those that we couldn't get into the final 44 – which should have been 40 but we just couldn't reject the other 4."

Taking a lot a the top 15 amazing funny photos of the cutest animals. Not only will this photos bright up anyone's day, but will also put some humor in the wildlife.

The first picture taken, shows a funny sea turtle who is seemingly flipping of the photographer.

Photo number two shows a beautiful colourful fish in the sea sharing a wide smile with the photographer.

Photo number three shows the creativity of wildlife. The photo shows a male gorilla with miserable face expresion – similar than a human after a long day of hard work.

Photo four captures the beautiful moment of mother and child. The child looks awfully embarressed by the kisses of his mother.

In picture five an adorable squirel is praying to the heavens. Wonder what this little guys has on his heart?

Picture six captures the moment of two beautiful green shade birds. The one is definitly getting an lecture from the parent who is not having any of it. What do you think?

Picture number seven is definitly breaking the rules. This little birdy cleary does not read the sign that says 'no fishing' while he is chilling on the sign with his freshly caught fish in his mouth.

In picture number eight, the little mouse is clearly asking Mr Robin Hood for help after other thieves stole his lttle block of cheese.

Picture nine captures the exciting moment between an eliphant mother and her baby, as they are both sharing huge smiles while enjoying the delicious food.

Photo ten is the definition of photo-bombing. This giraffe could not miss out on the opportunity to share a smile in the self portrait photo of his friend.

Photo eleven – well what can we say. He clearly also put on some weight during lockdown, and now he can't fit through his girlfriend's front door. At least there are no nuts. 

Photo twelve is a clear example of a non-jogger. The poor penguin can't keep up with the squads morning jog, and slacks behind as he throws some thunks. Or maybe he saw his ex. 

Photo thirteen definitly shows that one stingy friend. Not sharing one of his delicious fishes with his friend next to him who is drooling for a bite.

A monkey enjoying his day is seen in picture fourteen making his own comfy tree swing out of two of his friends' tails.

Now that is #hanginginthere.

In picture fifteen, the bear is weighing himself up with the size of the tree. He thought his keto diet was going so well.

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