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In 2009, Mas Subramanian, a chemist and professor at Oregon State University, was leading an electronics project when he and a student accidentally made an interesting discovery. It was the new blue pigment. Called YlnMn Blue, this brilliant colour is the first new blue in over 200 years and is the inspiration for the latest generation of Crayola crayons.

There are several reasons  Crayola wants to wax this bright blue pigment. In addition to vibrant colours that will undoubtedly look beautiful on paper, YlnMn Blue is known for its "long-lasting" colour. This means that it does not change colour when mixed with water or when the temperature changes. It is equally easily reproducible. These colour characteristics are attractive to pencil connoisseurs and commercial companies alike.

Blue YlnMn  was discovered by accident when Subramanian and his students combined and heated manganese oxide, yttrium and indium. When they noticed that the reaction turned a dazzling blue colour, the Subramanians knew they had stumbled upon something special. “It was a hunch or a fluke because we didn't look for it,” he told Fast Company. “Most scientific discoveries come from  unexpected places.”
The new blue pencil case will hit stores by the end of the year. But before he makes his grand debut,  YlnMn will get a polished new name thanks to a colourful contest hosted by Crayola.
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