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The newly relaunched Great Big Story carried out a extraordinary interview with Karen Jacobsen, a singer whose one of a kind voice offers site visitors instructions to hundreds of thousands with GPS navigation gadgets of their cars. Jacobsen said that when shifting to New York City from a small city in North Queensland, she replied an advert that desirable her qualifications perfectly.

She explained, "I desired to grow to be an expert singer and circulate to America and I did. Followed that dream to New York and now no longer lengthy when I moved there, there has been an audition and a consumer become searching out a local Australian woman voice over artist residing with inside the northeast of the United States. I went to that audition and I were given the job."

Jacobsen additionally recalled one phrase she had to mention at some stage in the audition repeatedly.

"There was a huge script, a huge script, and the engineering team figured out every combination of syllables I could write down so they could hack it up and create this language system based on my speaking voice. I went into the booth and wrote down these various lines. ...I had to say the word "about" about 168 times in a row," she further elaborated. 
Unfortunately, Great Big Story ceased operations in September 2020. Then, on February 15, 2023, they announced a relaunch. We at Laughing Squid are delighted to have her back. 

“We are very excited to open the next chapter of Great Big Story. Our mission is the same: to show you the unspeakable, the under appreciated and the utterly amazing.”

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