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Last fall, Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi bravely spoke about her experience with Tourette Syndrome. Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder which affects 1 in 162 children and causes unwanted movements or sounds called tics.

Because the onset of symptoms is difficult to predict, Capaldi sometimes has to deal with the condition during performances. One such outbreak occurred at a recent concert in Frankfurt, Germany. Fortunately, his loyal fans helped him out.

Capaldi was  performing his hit "Someone You Loved" when the singer began to suffer from tics that prevented him from singing properly. As soon as he stepped away from the mic, the crowd filled with the song's refrain.

The touching incident was filmed and posted on TikTok. "We support you!!" — wrote in the user's signature that he was clearly a fan. Others in the comments were shocked that Capaldi had Tourette's, and some praised the emotional moment between the singer and his fans. “The worst thing is, you understand when I'm excited. If you're stressed out, I understand. When I'm happy, I understand. This happens all the time. Some days hurt more  than others, some days less. It looks much worse than it actually is. It's pretty uncomfortable sometimes... but it comes and goes," Capaldi explained on his Instagram Live.

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