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 Have you ever made a "leafy face" by folding a leaf in half before cutting out two eyes and a mouth? Far from ugly and childish creations, the Japanese artist known on Instagram as lito leafart has taken leaf art to a whole new level with incredibly intricate drawings. He carefully carves the entire scene into a thin green surface. 

 From animals in the supermarket to a family of penguins riding turtles, lito leafart's cute creations are not only hand-carved, but also amazingly original. Each leaf design tells a unique story, like a whimsical illustration in a children's book you can hold in the palm of your hand. Before filming each leaf, the artist lifts it up into the sky so the sunlight can reveal many of the smallest details.

Each leaf fades over time, but the lito leafart portfolio continues to grow. A talented artist with ADHD paints a leaf pattern a day to focus and calm down. Each sheet demonstrates his incredible perseverance and artistic ability.

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