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After 41 years, the women's 400m record has finally been broken by a new star. An important competition was held at the Dutch Indoor Championships in Apeldoorn. 23-year-old Femke Bol made the race of her life, crossing the finish line in 49.26 seconds,  0.33 seconds faster than her previous one. 

Czech Jarmila Kratochvilova set her indoor 400 m record in 1982 with a time of 49.59 seconds, making it her longest distance in athletics and the second oldest in athletics. Ball said, “It is thanks to all the fans here that she was able to release this album. “I have never seen so many people here. The noise the crowd made when I crossed the line made me realise that my record was mine."

Despite being younger than her other competitors, Bol has already accomplished a lot in athletics. In addition to  the 400m world record, she is a bronze medalist in the 400m hurdles and holds the world records in the 300m hurdles and 500m indoors. "Sure, I wanted to break records, but I want a lot out of life, and most of the time, that just doesn't happen," she adds Bol. “I am delighted to have improved so much, not just set records.” It will be interesting to see what this youngster does next.

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