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When it comes to food, we all like the idea of trying something new, especially if even just the sound of it makes your mouth water already.

What if that something new was called a garbage plate? A restaurant in New York sells garbage plates and no, it’s not actual garbage.

A garbage starts with your choice of sides like potatoes, fries, potato salad, beans or whatever else you fancy on the menu. Then some form of meat is added like a hamburger patty or hot dog sausages.

On top of that, the your sauce of choice is added along with two slices of Italian bread with butter. The idea behind the garbage plate: To give customers a lot of good food at a reasonable price.

Speaking of butter, in France there’s a little town where butter is made with seaweed as an ingredient. This kind of butter has sparked a massive interest from chefs all over the world, and is considered a delicacy today.

Zanzibar pizza is a delicious pizza that you can find on the island of, you guessed it, Zanzibar.

While this pizza is often made in sweet and savoury options, it’s a favourite among locals and tourists alike. There are currently over 20 different variations, and they’re only sold at a market on the island.

Besides the interesting toppings and delicious ingredients, what makes Zanzibar pizzas so special? They’re always served with a smile.

From fish pies with eyes looking right through your soul to pickle pies that will make your eyes water – it’s all here in the Great Big Story video below.

Image credit: Thrillist

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