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So, a lot of people have taken to their own YouTube channel to test the so-called 'hacks' that the 5-Minute Crafts channel spits out and, honestly, some of them are just seriously clickbaity while and the rest are just plain stupid, like why clean a greasy mirror with Sprite? Do you want ants? Because that's how you get ants.

Recently a 5-Minute Craft video on YouTube caught my attention, its if you dip a hot coal into a jar of peanut butter, then transfer the peanut butter coal to an ice bowl with salt for 24 hours that the once-hot coal has now turned into a crystal... yeah wtf, right? Well sure this might not be a 'hack' so to speak, but is it even true?

Not only is it scientifically possible, but it has been done before, however, that's not the way they show it in the video. Carbon is the element of diamonds and so is peanut butter, however immense about of heat and pressure has to be applied to the peanut butter before a diamond can form.

Watch and learn. Or not. Whatever. What do you think of this channel? Let us know!

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