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From couriers literally dropping off breakable parcels to lawnmowers doing their own thing, here are some of the funniest things caught on security cameras.

Security cameras all over the world have recorded footage that some people would probably prefer not to know about.

CubeHub01 compiled a list of their favourite things caught on camera, and we just had to share them with you.

One guy got home to find his lawnmower in a random place and his backyard in a total mess. His flowerbed was ruined, and his double swing set dragged across the garden.

Once he viewed the footage recorded on his security camera, he saw that a random ball kicked over the fence by a neighbour accidentally landed on the lawnmower’s start button. The lawnmower then dragged the swing set across the yard and went on to mow the flowers as well.

Then, more than one jeweller managed to stop a customer from turning into a thief by simply locking the doors to their shop without the potential thief noticing. We can only imagine that this has happened many times before, why else would jewellers be so quick on their feet?

Imagine coming home to find your parcel delivered, but all your Halloween décor demolished. A courier that dropped a parcel off at a house, tripped over some pumpkins and then proceeded to break every single piece of décor he could find. Thanks to the security camera, the footage showed exactly what happened.

Sometimes people end up in the wrong profession… you know, like a police officer that should have become a professional dancer. One security camera recorded a guy dancing as if his life depended on it, but when the lift opened up in front of him he stood perfectly still as if nothing had happened. Well sir, we think your moves were pretty good.

To see the footage of these moments as well as other funny things caught on security cameras, watch the CubeHub01 video below.

Image credit: CVWA

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