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Astronaut Frank Rubio  made history. Not only was he the first American astronaut to spend an entire year in space,  he currently holds the  record for America's longest time in space. When Rubio finally returns home on September 27, he will have spent 371 days  on Earth. But it wasn't originally planned for Rubio to hold the record for  longest single spaceflight. He arrived at the International Space Station on a Soyuz MS-22 on September 21, 2022, and his  return was scheduled for March of this year. Unfortunately, cosmonauts Sergei Prokopyev and Dmitri Peterin's Soyuz capsule  hit  a micrometeorite, causing a coolant leak, leaving him stranded.

While the empty capsule was being sent into space, the three astronauts had to take on the duties of those who were scheduled to travel with the capsule, delaying their return. While on the ISS, Rubio was involved in conducting several experiments, including a series of studies aimed at examining how space travel affects human physiology and psychology. "We spend every day here learning a little bit about how the human body works in space," Rubio said. "We continue to do research on the station that will help us as we go deeper into the solar system."

All the work he's had to do on the ISS and what to see, from spacewalks to microgravity experiments Nevertheless, the astronaut recently opened up about being in space for more than a year. "If you had asked me  before the training, I probably would have said no, because you  train for a year or two  for the mission," Rubio said during a live press conference from the ISS. "It would have hurt, but I would have said no."

When requested approximately the primary element he's going to do while he receives again home, he said, “Hugging my spouse and children goes to be paramount and I’ll possibly attention on that for the primary couple of days,” including that he's going to additionally enjoy the silence of his backyard. “Up here, we sort of have the steady hum of machinery, it is retaining us alive it is very crucial however it's miles only a steady hum… so I’m searching ahead to simply being outdoor and taking part in the peace and quiet.”

Though Rubio is asking ahead to touchdown again on Earth, his committed paintings aboard the ISS will undeniably convey plenty of perception closer to destiny missions. “Our knowledge of the way spaceflight impacts the human frame is normally constrained to astronauts on short-period missions all through the travel days and team individuals on six-month missions aboard the gap station,” says Steven H. Platts, leader scientist of NASA’s Human Research Program. “Rubio’s contributions offer treasured facts in order to be used to assist maintain astronauts as healthful as viable on an increasing number of longer missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.”

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