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Not everyone has a father figure close to them throughout their childhood. So when typical "daddy issues" arise, like how to change a tire or how to hang something on a shelf, they have no one to call. This is where Rob Kenny comes into play. A popular father, his YouTube channel ``How Do I?'' is full of practical advice, how-tos,  dad chats and stories that help people grow and learn, and provide advice on how to be a dad in life. You may even feel like you are. 

Kenny offers advice with sincerity. He knows what it's like to not have his father in his life. When Kenny was young, his parents divorced and his mother was declared legally unfit to care for him and his siblings. His father was in charge, but he quickly got a girlfriend and basically ignored his family. Kenny's father stocked up on food for his brothers and then left one week at a time.

A year later, he announced that he was done raising his child and was leaving Kenny's life. The boy was only 14 years old. Kenny had to deal with the consequences of this abandonment. He moved into a small trailer in Bellevue, Washington, with his 23-year-old brother and his new sister-in-law. Kenny was devastated, angry, and confused by this loss. But one thing became clear: He would never let his children go through the same pain he had. When Kenny became a father himself, his goal was to raise his children into successful adults.

That's how he raised his daughter and son, but he still felt he could give more. That led to "Dad, How Do I?" a show Kenney started early in the pandemic to show viewers how to tie a tie or unclog a sink. But after a few years, his channel has grown to nearly 4 million subscribers enjoying his wholesome and authentic style. For Kenny, it's not about gaining new subscribers, it's about making his viewers feel encouraged and empowered to try something new. It's the kind of confidence that comes from having your parents by your side as you grow and learn. In this case,  no wonder he is called the father of the Internet.

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