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A motorist in Germany was recently shocked after he received a speeding ticket in the mail. Apparently his vehicle having been captured by a traffic camera exceeding the posted limit. Thankfully due to the improved technology in speeding cameras, a clear photo of the car and numberplate and even a clear photo of the offender.

In the offence ticket, there was clear proof of this infraction, and the person responsible. However the image captured by the speed camera showed someone else behind the wheel. Someone very unexpected. According to the photographic evidence, the offender who appeared to be driving the vehicle is a small white dog. But he is not believe to be the car thief. The sweet dog and car actually belongs to a Twitter user’s uncle who was just as shocked as everyone to see his pet being nabbed for speeding.

The nephew added, “My first reaction was: ‘That can’t be real’. I think my uncle was just as surprised.”

The truth behind this hilarious event is that the uncle was the one driving alongside his dog. But on the moment they drove pass the camera, the pup decided to hop up on his lap. “Normally, the dog wears a special car belt for the safety. That day, my uncle forgot to put it on him, and the dog came to cuddle him as he was driving. The funny part is, he was in his lap for just three seconds.”

That few seconds was all it took to make the adorable pup the prime suspects. And even though the uncle could have probably successfully contested the ticket, arguing a lack of proof that he was the perpetrator, he still went ahead and handled the fine. “He paid it. But I can’t tell you what the authorities thought.”

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