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There's nothing worse than having a bad hair day... Here are a bunch of hacks to save you time and stand out in the crowd.

Yes, it's always disconcerting when you arrive at school or the office, and you feel like your hair has let you down.

Fortunately, the ladies at 123 GO Like! on YouTube have some funky solutions for you. At the end of the day, your hairstyle can radically change your look!

Do you have straight, flat hair that drives you crazy? Well, then maybe you should try out their solutions that'll have any wavy-haired girl green with envy!

Tired of hairbands that are stretched and out of shape? Instead of an elastic band, all you need is hot water! Do you have a bit of time on your hands? Then why not try a terrific pattern that doesn't require you to be a magician to make. Sometimes, a little bit of ingenuity is all you need.

So, to see some amazingly simple-yet-terrific solutions to make long, straight hair turn heads, then check out the informative and funky video below.

Happy styling!

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