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Wow. You've got to be pretty damn confident in your product for a name like that – because if you're going to take a bold advertising step and name your hair gel "Gorilla Snot", it's got to be good.

Because, as strange as it seems to some people, hair gels and products are extremely crucial for some people. And it's a difficult decision to make, too – too little hair gel and you look like a tool, too much and you look like a paedophile.

So you want to make sure you pick the perfect brand. And Gorilla Snot hair gel is the one tested here in this video.

Now, they're a little ambiguous about whether or not actual gorilla snot is an ingredient in the product... a little sketchy if you ask me. 

But they try it out anyway and, who knows, maybe the desired result will be worth having to hide that awkwardly titles product in the back of your bathroom cupboard!

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