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It's funny to look back at the 90s (if you were alive at that time) and think about the technology that we once thought was groundbreaking and now can't even imagine using. It's hilarious looking back at those cheesy TV commercials and wondering how on earth we survived without all we have today!

This especially applies to our hair!

Women go to great lengths to modify their hair every morning – curling it, straightening it, whatever their style is – just to look their best. And nowadays, it isn't so hard! We've got magnificent hair technology tools that can easily and quickly change our entire appearance. They've even got a tool to trim your own split ends off in just one sweep!

But, back in the 90s, we had tools that we thought were incredibly cool – but can't even imagine returning back to now unless it was for a costume party! 

Most people born in the 2000s, the millennial teens, don't even know that these tools even existed! 90s Hair tools are like dinosaurs to them – they've heard about them, but they aren't entirely sure how life would be like having to be exposed to them.

Well, in this video, they get to give it a try. These millennial teens try out 90s hair tools and, to be honest, the results are hilarious!

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