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One of the major struggles of being a girl is hair. Whether it is in the wrong place and needs to be removed or there is just too much in the right places, it's just admin!

Tanya Hennessy has already interviewed a poor beautician about bikini waxes which was so awkward that you couldn't help but laugh. This one is about the hair you don't want to remove but the struggles one faces with long, thick hair. Aside from feeling as if there is a scarf constantly wrapped around your neck all the time which you wish you could shave off in the summer, long hair also acts as a storage shelf. Literally, anything and everything will get caught in it.

Let's not forget the 10 years it takes to clean and dry – let alone straighten! Irritations aside, the longer the hair, the more protective girls tend to become. You just have to be prepared to find your hair everywhere. Literally in your food, the shower and wedged in little spaces on your body that really just isn't ok!

Do you have long hair struggles? Let us know in the comments below.

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