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Imagine a world where straight men and women had to "come out of the closet" in order to express their sexual preference! 

Seeing as people of other sexual preferences have to come out, surely straight people should have to as well?

Try to picture your parents and peers telling you that "you're just confused" or "it's just a phase" when you tell them you're a man who loves women, or a woman who loves men.

We are so programmed to believe that being straight is what is normal, and being gay is strange. But, in fact, both are the same: they are sexual preferences. 

In this video, straight people "come out" to the world revealing they are straight. Although the reverse is quite amusing in thought, the video strikes a nerve and really opens our eyes to the struggle that some gay people go through just to reveal who they really are. 

It makes us realise that telling someone you are gay should be just as normal as telling someone you are straight! 

We hope this video opens peoples' eyes, and that those who can relate will be recognised for their struggle, courage and unfair judgements!

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