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There is one bird who definitely shouldn’t be called “chicken”, even though he sort of is. 

A video has emerged showing the moment a hawk showed up outside a farm’s chicken coop looking for an easy snack. The hawk managed to enter the the chicken run area which is protected by fencing and set his eyes on an unsuspecting hen. But the hawk didn’t expect the heroic act which happens next.

At the moment when all seemed lost for the poor hen, a feathered hero rushed in to save his beloved girlfriend from the predator. The brave rooster threw a few kicks and pecks, and was able to save his girl and  send the unwanted guest packing in a flash.

Not only is the rooster’s fellow chickens super proud to have a hero in their circle, but the chickens’ owner, who posted the video to YouTube, couldn’t be prouder of him for it.

“My rooster did his job today by defending the hens from a hawk that slipped through a hole in my fence, which has now been patched.”

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