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A good liar can look you in the face, come up with a convincing story and make you believe it. They can turn the tables on you when you didn't think it could be possible. Then you get terrible liars, who create stories so elaborate and ridiculous that there is absolutely no way anyone would believe them. Well, this guy fits into the second category.

Its starts off with the classic, girlfriend comes home early and catches her boyfriend cheating and walks in to confront him. Of course, he denies it but this is where it gets interesting. This guy pretended that his side chick was a sex doll! While sex dolls are definitely looking more realistic lately, surely this is taking it a bit too far? The side chick even goes along with it, pausing in a still, robot-like position and freezing. Obviously, his girlfriend isn't completely stupid and confronts him.

She even pushes the side chick, who promptly changes positions into another robotic-like stance and only snaps out of it when the girlfriend gets increasingly mad. I mean, well tried but seriously, this has got to be the most ridiculous cover-up we have ever heard of.

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