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When you sign up for a girlfriend, you sign up for her friends too. And no matter how badly you want to push some of them off a cliff – there is nothing you can do about their slice-of-hell existence in your life. 

All you can do is grin and bear it so you can keep your girlfriend by YOUR side and not by THEIRS. 

So you have to put up with it... and these are typically the six kinds of friends she'll have:

The Possessive One: This is the friend who appears in all your couple photos, who calls your girlfriend at least four times a day and who has absolutely no concept of boundaries.

The Gay BFF: The one that you know is gay, but still can't help wanting to punch when he's grinding up against your girl.

The One You Have a Crush On: The one that makes you wonder, why can't my girlfriend have uglier friends??

The Guy Friend: The one who's been friends with her forever, who she assures you not to worry about, but still makes you want to scream "THAT'S ENOUGH!"

The Attention Hog: The one who has the compulsive need to share her every thought and emotion – and you have to pretend you give a shit.

You: The one who will stick by her, and put up with all her annoying friends.

Watch the video to see the hilarious depictions of your girlfriend's six friends!


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