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Homeless man named Choco and his two sweet pups, Shaggy and Nena, are a clear example that even though you are down on your luck, you can still have and give love to others. 

A park-goer in Bucaramanga, Colombia, recently witnessed that love. Choco and his beloved dogs was taking shelter on some steps near by. But it soon became clear that something more special was happening. 

Choco dress each of his dogs in a party hat and revealed a cake and candles and he began to sing Happy Birthday. Beloved Shaggy was celebrating his birthday and Choco made it even more special. 

A video of the special and sweet moment has been circling online melting everyone’s heart. 

But when the video ended, the love and kindness didn’t stop there. The person filming the adorable and caring moment approached Choco to learn his name and story. The person offered help to him and his precious dogs. The person came to learn that Choco escaped an abusive home and was left to spent the last several years living on the streets. 

Choco has always made sure that his beloved pups always have what they needed before he tend to himself. Having a caring heart, other people are trying to do the same for him.

A number of Good Samaritans took it into their hand to try and make a difference in Choco and his dogs’ life.  Many have also been gathering at his spot in the park to donate food and supplies and spend time with him. 

Hopefully things would turn around for Choco and his pups, but in the meantime, their love and bond is an inspiration for us all. 

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