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Before the time as we know today, there was a time when modern technology was first introduced to the world. And as all new things, the now mastered skill of sending emails had to be explained to the world.

The world of emails started back in 1971, when Ray Tomlinson, a computer engineer working for Bolt Beranek and Newman in Cambridge, Massachusetts, developed a system for sending messages between computers that used the @ symbol to identify addresses. A year later, Larry Roberts who also at work on Arpanet, wrote the first email management program that develops the ability to list, select, forward, and respond to messages.

Emails were introduced to the world and was explained in several news stations, including the classic British show Micro Live. In the classic 1986s clip, hosts Fred Harris and Ian McNaught-Davis explained what email is, how it works, and how to use it from home.

“Your microprocessor is just a modem away from a wider world. But what exactly is email, and why are businesses and individuals turning to it? What benefits does email have over traditional forms of communication? What can we expect from this technology in the future?”

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