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According to Dr. Catherine Monk, a psychologist and professor of medical psychology in the departments of psychiatry and obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center, “The word instinct refers to something innate — inborn or natural — involving a fixed behavioural response in the context of certain stimuli.” Maternal instinct or mother instinct implies that there is an innate knowledge and the set of caregiving behaviours which automatically becomes a part of any new mother, mother to be, or woman who are looking to one day become a mother.

However, this isn’t limited to just us humans. In a heartwarming moment, Kurdish soldier and farmer Goran Surchi discovered the most adorable moment of a very protective white hen sitting in a milk crate while keeping her babies safe. However, when Surchi lifted the mother hen, he did not exactly find what he was expecting. The farmer found three tiny kittens who mewed in complaint when their hiding place was discovered. The kind mother hen was keeping the babies warm and cozy even though it wasn’t her own.

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