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Toddlers can be a hand full sometimes, especially when they refuse to listen or move. And our pet lovers and owner knows that our pups can also be toddlers in their own way.

Just like this adorable stubborn boxer pup named Nacho Cilantro who did not want to move from the perfect spot he discovered. While running errands with his human, Nacho decided to take a ride in the rear facing infant car seat. The seat is usually reserved for his baby human brother, but when he saw the opportunity he grabbed it.

Nacho clearly fell in love with the seat, or wasn’t ready to give it up just yet, as his human Jillian Harris tried everything in the book to convince him to move from the seat. 

“The other day I took Nacho with me to run some errands and he decided the best place for him to sit was in Leo’s car seat … and he didn’t want to move! Proof that this guy really does think he’s a human!!"

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