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Anyone who has ever eaten a burrito knows it can get messy sometimes. Some of you might even have experienced the inevitable collapse of the tortilla wrap, or struggling to get it to fold. Even if they say everything goes into your mouth, having a burrito which keeps falling open is pretty annoying to say the least. But, that is exactly why a group of students at Johns Hopkins University decided to find the perfect solution for this delicious meal. The students designed edible tape for burritos which is called Tastee Tape. During the annual Johns Hopkins University's Engineering Design Day event,  the Whiting School of Engineering students have the chance to demonstrate their prototype projects. This year the engineering seniors Tyler Guarino, Marie Eric, Rachel Nie, and Erin Walsh was inspired to showcase their invention. Their collective background in chemical and biomolecular engineering helped them create an edible tape.

Student Tyler Guarino explained the process and said, “First, we learned about the science around tape and different adhesives, and then we worked to find edible counterparts.” After going through multiple recipes and test trials, the students where finally able to land the winning combination and is currently in the process of applying for a patent, and cannot divulge their secret formula for this useful product. “What I can say is that all its ingredients are safe to consume, are food grade, and are common food and dietary additives.”

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