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Work related stress a person has to deal with on a daily basis is slowly building up and becoming a massive factor in the working environment. It is no secret that the stress of work can become somewhat overwhelming. Which makes it so important to once in a while have a break to recuperate and re-engergise. Whether it is by taking a nice well deserved holiday. However, the saying that work never sleeps tend to creep in on you when you receive that truly unwanted email from your boss, demanding a response. A study conducted by Visit Iceland, revealed that about 45 percent of Americans still tend to their emails on holiday, while 16 percent tend to work emails about five times per day while still trying to relax on vacation. 

Visit Iceland has invented the perfect solution for all employees looking to take a break without worrying about work emails laying in your inbox. Visit Iceland has introduced the exciting, yet unique program, OutHorse Your Email, to help employees with that specific problem. This odd yet brilliant tourism campaign has provided people with a stress-free vacation. The island country offers a unique service of their iconic Icelandic horses to respond to your emails while you enjoy the relaxing get-away. These horses are highly trained to respond to any pressing work correspondence. This might seem like something out of story book however, this is one of those times where you shouldn’t judge the book by its cover. 

According to the head of Visit Iceland Sigríður Dögg Guðmundsdóttir revealed in a press release, “When visitors travel to Iceland, we want them to fully experience everything our nation has to offer, from breathtaking surroundings to endless landscapes and friendly faces.” He added, “Our OutHorse Your Email service lets them do just that, taking away the pressure of feeling as if they have to be always on and instead allowing them to be present throughout their trip.”

The Visit Iceland website provides you with the choice to pick one of three horse you require for the job to effectively respond to your emails. 

The first available to pick is Litla Stjarna Frá Hvítarholti, who “types fast, but might take a nap.” If your preference is a horse who is more “assertive" and  "efficient” which the pro of having “shiny hair,” then Hrímnir Frá Hvammi might be more your speed. Finally, there is Hekla Frá Þorkellshóli, who is described as “friendly” and “trained in corporate buzzwords.”

If it has ever come to mind on how these brilliant horses type away, let's give you a little piece of mind. Each horse is set up with his very own, oversized horse-sized keyboards. Literally. Although, that still doesn’t necessarily guarantee coherency seeing that they are still horses after all. But, wouldn't it be great to know you can fully enjoy your vacation without any interruptions from unwanted work emails. 

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