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Have you met Cassie the robot ostrich? Then it is probably time you should be introduced, as this ostrich-legged robot has set a new world record. 

Cassie, was designed by the Agility Robotics who has entered the robotics world with a more life like software and technology. 

On their website they state that, “We pair a software-first mentality with scientific breakthroughs in physics. It's unique. And it works. It ensures the software and hardware work harmoniously and intentionally. For robots capable of practically any task.”

“Our robots move more like a person than the stereotypical rigid robot. That makes for a more effective robot in the world built for people,” added CTO, Jonathan Hurst. 

Not only can they celebrate the success of their advanced robotics technology, but one of their new generation robots, Cassie, has set a new record.

Cassie set the Guinness World Record for “The fastest 100 m by a bipedal robot”. The qualifying race took place at Oregon State University, where Cassie was invented. “Cassie, the robot, clocked the historic time of 24.73 seconds at the Whyte Track and Field Center, starting from a standing position and returning to that position after the sprint, with no falls. This incredible achievement was accomplished through robot learning and almost a year of simulation, condensed down to a matter of weeks.”

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