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A faucet dripping can become very annoying. Especially when it is a leaky faucet, which you cannot get to stop no matter how many times you ensure that you fully closed the faucet.

But, it seems like a very clever artist found a way to turn that all around. Publio Delgado has created a way for a dripping faucet to become a bit more amusing. After hearing his own bathtub faucet continuously dripping, he decided to use that imitation and make something of it.

But instead of fixing it, he decided to remix the distinctive sound into several different musical grooves of various styles. Delgado used a variety of instruments for each groove, including guitar, bass, and keyboard to create a very more pleasing and tolerable sound that the normal faucet dripping.

“Music can be found in the most unimaginable places. In this case I got inspired by a water drop.”

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