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Nervous parents displayed the meaning of letting your children spread their wings in a hilarious faux BBC nature documentary.

In the hilarious video, which features a David Attenborough style narrator named Mavid Wattenborough, the reluctant parents released their one year old baby girl Nala into the wild. 

“Today is a very sad day for this father for he and his wife must release their one-year-old baby into the wild. She is fully fledged and confidently walking but that doesn’t make it any easier. Over the next year we will be following baby on her journey using an aerial drone and GPS locating chip. As the parents say their last goodbyes our journey is only just beginning.”

A film crew with a drone followed Nala on her very own adventure, which was mostly around the beach where she was left. She did make her way to the park where mysteriously swung inside of a child’s swing. At one point, it appeared as though little Nala had become one with her environment, and even for a second thought she was a seagull herself. “Day two and it’s not difficult for us to locate baby now she is still at the same Beach. It appears that she believes she is a seagull but a seagull she is not.”

But sadly, the documentary was cut short after Nala managed to get a hold of the drone that was filming her, and decided she had to try and eat it. But on day 34, timing finally resumes after the crew managed to raise enough funds to purchase a new drone. “Our journey following baby Nala’s first year in the wild continues with this – part two of Releasing a baby into the wild. Enjoy.”

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