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We all can say that we have tried to pull off a different accent, even if it was just once during a funny conversation, or finding yourself in a pickle and having to pull off a complete different accent to get out of the situation. 

Sure enough, whether one of the cases, the accent being faked the most is the British accent. You might have even pulled the line of “you want some tea love?” Or “ 

Yourself. But, did you know that you can easily pull off a British accent with just a few steps?

Instructor Gideon of ‘LetThemTalkTV’ offered six helpful hints to help you quickly fake an English accent (should you ever find yourself in that kind of pickle). Gideon, who teaches English in France, is originally from London, so the speech pattern he’s demonstrating is that of Standard Southern British English (SSBE).

"You urgently need to sound British. You don’t have time to study phonetics and practise for years so hear it is. In just 12 minutes you’ll learn six sounds that’ll mark you out as British. The accent here is SSBE (Standard Southern British English) sometimes referred to as RP.” 

One of his first steps is to remember the big ‘O’  which almost sounds like it is ending with a ‘w’. The next step, well, I think we all know, is the “to R or not to R”. Another step is to pronounce the T and a T. And off course, the too long ‘aaa’ sound.

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