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If you've met the adorable pup named Yogi, you will know what a lot of people are talking about. There's something undeniably human about little Yogi's countenance.

According to many people, his face resembles a human face. The piercing gaze of his light almond-shaped eyes, the sense of a strong brow ridge above in his fluff, and those soft pinkish lips all definitely play a part. 

Chantal Desjardins, Yogi’s owner, revealed that she never thought that Yogi really looked that humanlike at all. "Looking at him, normally I don’t see it!" However, after sharing a photo of Yogi on Facebook, she quickly realised it.

Several people commented on the photo, as one wrote; "He looks like there is a human in that dog body," and another; "Why does one look like you did a human face swap? It’s freaking me out." 

After one of Chantal's friends posted a picture of Yogi on Reddit, it began receiving several comments regarding Yoki’s appearance. Some of the comments read:

"This is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen."

"I call bs. I hope it is anyway, I'm trying to sleep here."

"This is deeply unsettling..."

"It looks like Nicolas Cage dressed as an Ewok."

"I'd feel weird petting it."

"I laughed, then I got uncomfortable, now I'm rocking back and forth desperately trying to convince myself it's just a face swap."


Yogi’s unique features made an impression, however, not every photo looks so unusual.

People started suggesting that the reason for the unusual photo, had to be a part of the way his fur is groomed, and his position relative to the camera. Chantal says that she received a ton of bemused response regarding Yogi.

"He is the cuddliest fluffiest puppy ever! He’s the sweetest!"


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