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There are people out there who defied the odds by surviving the impossible. Here are their stories.

Some call it fate, others say it's luck. All we know is that, if these people hadn't survived, then we wouldn't have stories like these to tell.

That's right, we're taking a look at people who survived against all odds to tell their stories that most would say are impossible. For instance, surviving a polar bear attack or spending over two minutes hanging precariously from a hang glider after the instructor forgot to clip your safety harness to the glider.

There are others too. A lady by the name of Helen Claben and amateur pilot, Ralph Flores, survived a light-aircraft crash in a snow-covered forest. That was just the start, though. They were now stranded in a desolate area of the USA with temperatures hovering around -42 degrees Celcius.

Claven suffered from a broken left arm, while Flores had a fractured jaw. Miraculously, while the aeroplane was destroyed in the impact, they managed to retrieve what little supplies they had on board. This included a few cans of sardines and tuna, a fruit salad, crackers and some vitamin pills, which they rationed over ten days.

Eventually, though, the food ran out, and the pair were reduced to making soup from the snow. Fortunately, the two travellers were able to recover parts of the plane, including a tarpaulin to make a rudimentary shelter. They used cushions and the carpet of the aeroplane to create a warm bed. They also used the fuel from the aircraft to start a fire.

Days later, Flores decided to explore their surroundings and found a frozen pond. He etched a giant SOS sign into the ice with an arrow pointing towards their camp.

On day 49 of their ordeal, another light-aircraft pilot named Charles Hamilton spotted their distress sign and rescued them.

A year later, in 1964, Claven wrote a book about their ordeal titled, Hey, I'm Alive! She passed away in 2018, aged 76, but her tale of survival will stay with us for many years to come.

The video below by YouTubers, BE AMAZED, will have you thanking your lucky stars that you're alive. Find out all about surviving the impossible by hitting the play button below.

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