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No matter how dangerous  a volcanic eruption is, there is something mesmerizing about the fiery lava flows pouring out of the crater. As if nature were painted with fire. In addition to the spectacular images, volcanologists around the world rely on cameras  strategically placed near these sites to monitor any activity. As one of the  most active (and famous) volcanoes in the world, Kilauea poses a constant threat to Hawaiians. To keep track of this, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) offers 24-hour live transmissions of Kilauea Volcano  from Halemaumau- crater off on. Kilauea erupted again this month due to a long history of activity. At noon on June 7, the first lava flows were  13 to 30 feet high and covered about 370 hectares of the crater floor. This prompted the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) to upgrade its volcano alert level to red, indicating a potential hazard.

Although Halemaumau Crater has been closed to the public since 2007, volcanic smog can cause health problems for people and livestock and damage crops. Since June 12, the alert level has been lowered to observe level  and  orange. 

The good news for now is that the eruption is confined to Halemaumau Crater in the Kilauea summit caldera and poses no immediate threat to human settlements. This has inspired many adventurers to flock to the area to admire the phenomenon. This is considered a sacred event in Native Hawaiian culture, so it's important to show respect when planning a trip to the area. 

For those wanting to watch the eruption  from the comfort of their own home, the KīlaueaVolcano Live Stream offers breathtaking views that are even more spectacular at dusk and dawn.

If you are interested in watching the eruption and the after math watch the live stream on YouTube. 

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