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The Secret Service is in charge of the security of the President of the United States, or POTUS as he's called. We love a nickname!

With the most powerful man in the world on your watch, you can imagine just how important your job is and what you have to do to keep him alive.

There are over 6,500 Secret Service agents in the United States. Not all of them are field officers in charge of looking after POTUS. There are many other important people who also need security and, of course, there are others working in offices and as undercover agents. Guess we’ll never know about them.

While other people under the protection of the Secret Service can decline their services, POTUS and his second in command can’t do that.

A Secret Service agent is with POTUS at all times, and we mean at all times. Apparently, an agent was present for all of Ronald Reagan’s procedures and appointments when he had prostate problems. You never know when the doctor might turn into an assassin.

Every POTUS can choose their own code names. This tactic is something that the Secret Service has done with every President in office. Biden has chosen his code name as ‘Celtic’ while Kamala Harris chose ‘Pioneer’ as hers.

All Secret Service agents must pass a rigorous five-day driving course so that they’re on an advanced level when it comes to getting POTUS, or anyone else, away from a dangerous situation.  

The agents really go above and beyond. During the COVID-19 pandemic, former President Donald Trump insisted on holding a rally where no one had to wear masks. This included his Secret Service agents. Over 6,000 people attended that day and the agents still had to do their job, despite knowing that they could catch the virus.

For these and other insane tactics used by the Secret Service, watch the Be Amazed video below.

Image credit: The Guardian

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