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It's time to get your laugh on with this compilation of instant regrets.

Sometimes, it's just better to change your mind and not do the thing that is likely not going to work out. Like diving off a roof into a swimming pool that's too far away, it will end in tears.

Fortunately for us, there are smarter people out there who are camera-happy and catch the culprit in the act. Sometimes, the person involved has actually filmed themselves for platforms like TikTok. These are excessively funny to watch. Like the girl who shook a bottle of mayonnaise too vigorously and had it squirt all over the place, she even got it on the ceiling.

It's not just people who are caught on film, animals have their fair share of crazy too, like the monkey who flings poo, or the cat who reacts badly after sniffing its buddies butt. It's hilarious!

If you need a laugh, then the instant regret compilation below is your ticket to a happy place. So, go ahead and hit that play button. You'll feel better in no time!

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