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Have you ever heard of the weird and wonderful Predjama Castle. This magnificent site appears to be fictional, however, the true story of this Renaissance castle is far more interesting than fiction. The incredible castle in Slovenia was built at the mouth of a cave, giving it a unique and impressive look. Today it serves as a museum and tourists from all over the world flock to see the magnificent space. 

Predjama Castle is located just 11 km from the village of Postojna in south-central Slovenia. Surprisingly, the current castle is not the first building to be erected on this site - it dates back to 1570 and the history of this area stretches way back into the past. The first mention of Predjama Castle dates back to 1274, when it is said that a Gothic-style castle was built here because the cave offered protection. Set in the rocks, the castle would be quite difficult to reach and therefore an ideal hideaway.

It is believed that the castle's most infamous resident was a knight who was lord of the castle in the 15th century known as Erasmus von Lueg. The notorious robber baron fell out with the powerful Habsburg rulers when he killed the commander of the imperial army. In order to escape the wrath of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, he had to flee and took refuge in the castle. 

Von Lueg made use of a hidden  passage formed from a natural vertical shaft to ensure supplies could enter and exit the castle. The secret path leads to the top of the cliff which allowed Erasmus to exit and continue his heists. Unfortunately,  after a long and protracted siege of the castle, he was killed and the building destroyed. It was later rebuilt but again destroyed  by an earthquake.
Freiherr Philipp von Cobenzl became the new owner of the gem back in 1570 and created what we see today. The magnificent Renaissance castle is surrounded by caves and  original medieval fortifications.  Predjama Castle looks majestic against this impressive backdrop and has even been used as a background in many films, TV shows and music videos due to its magnificent appearance. Freiherr Philipp von Cobenzl, created what we see today. The magnificent Renaissance  castle is surrounded by caves and  original medieval fortifications. Against this impressive backdrop, Predjama Castle looks majestic and is one of the most impressive castles in the world. Hence, it has been used as a background in many films, TV shows and music videos. 

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