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You might wonder who is Kirby Jenner? And no he is not related to the famous Jenner sister, but there is a part that might be. For years years, this Instagram star has been calling himself Kendall’s fictitious “fraternal twin”. 

Kirby shared several photos where he photoshopped himself into her photos, and his hilarious and great photos prove that he is a master at digital manipulation. 

He seamlessly integrates himself into the Kardashian clan’s photos with great believability. As we all know Kendall is the most outgoing sister and isn’t afraid to show her crazy and silly side, however she still has a very serious expression in most of her photos, and Kirby’s enthusiasm and willingness to laugh at himself are the perfect counterpart for his often serious “sister.”

In his photos Kirby is a hands-on brother and joins his sister with most parts of her activities such as a little shopping and hangs out with her glamorous friends as they chow down on pizza. 

But what stands out above the rest, in a hilarious way, is the photos where he accompanies his sister on modelling photoshoots. It’s in these type of photos where one can see his sense of humour displayed. And one can definitely say his added touch brings much-needed smiles to the high-fashion world. 

Kirby is willing to play any part to take a good photo, whether that’s as a riding jockey, a dejected bumblebee, or even cosplaying as Woody from the Toy Story films.

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