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Stock photos are generic type photos that are created to be sold... or so we thought.

Apparently, not all of them are so genetic. After being exposed to... whatever this is, we feel like there are stock photos and then there's the deep, dark web of stock photos – these that were never supposed to be approved – but maybe someone didn't like their boss and decided to load them anyway.

These photos are some weird kind of mixture of cult, strange, creepy, imaginative, creative work in the deep dark basements of someone's brain. We aren't even too sure if anyone actually buys these because grandma teaching her grandkids how to do the stabbing trick between their fingers just doesn't seem... normal.

We don't even know what search terms one would type in to even find these. Does anyone have an explanation?

Watermark images: iStock, gettyimages, despositphotos, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, 123RF, dreamstime, Alamy, Megapixl, 500px

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