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Normally, its moms who go way over the top with photos, taking pictures of every milestone or moment that have her kids going MOOOOOOM, stop it!

In this case, it was Dad too obsessively taking photos of their kids and, if the sprogs could talk, they would definitely complain. I'm not talking normal cute baby photos. These photos are just downright ridiculous/hilarious and he manages to edit them, making them even better. Normally, the first child gets all of the cute baby photos and then parents kind of give up from exhaustion on the second child. Well, not this family! They were lucky enough to have twins and the chaos that happens is photo gold! The best part is, they even put a disclaimer on the bottom of their photos: "No kids or animals were put in danger or discomfort while taking the pictures."

Check out the video below for more photos that parents will be showing at their kid's 18th and 21st.

Were your parents mad about taking photos of you as a child?

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