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We’re all in when it comes to funny pranks. Who doesn’t like to laugh out loud as something amusing happens?

OK, granted, some pranks have managed to go horribly wrong and have caused a major upset. But we’ve found a hilarious prank that’s so pure and wholesome for the fact that the entire world is in the middle of an ongoing pandemic.

In keeping with the sign of the times, masks have become more than just a way to protect yourself from COVID-19. People all over the world have produced masks that are not only stylish and fashionable, but also original and funny.

A man in the United States managed to find a mask that looks very similar to his skin colour as well as his hair colour. With the mask on, it seems as if he’s got some stubble... and his mask is hanging below his nose.

With that in mind, he recently visited a car dealership where he wore the mask and got exactly the reaction he was looking for: “Sir, can you put your mask up. It has to be over your nose”.

Once the employee realised what was going on, he replied with “That’s too cool”.

And that’s exactly our sentiment!

Watch the RM Videos video below.

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